“The desire to tackle the Années dates back to 50 years ago, when I started playing the Dante Sonata, Vallée d’Obermann and Les Jeux d’eaux à la Villa d’Este. For a long time I have not felt sufficiently at home within the complex structure of these three cycles. That aim, then, needed me to advance with age, to understand the great psychological leap that Liszt had experienced. I have con- sciously tried to underline the introspective side of a composer who is still considered today as someone exclusively histrionic. I hope that Liszt, from the Champs Elysees, agrees with me.”
Michele Campanella 

Liszt’s dazzling virtuosity is often emphasised, but in this recording Campanella has accentuated the composer’s more introspective tendencies, making this a unique and truly insightful interpretation. This album is a rare opportunity to hear a musician immersed in Liszt’s world perform this music in a way that puts the music first; Campanella does not use Liszt’s pieces as a vehicle to showcase his own skill, but records them with a sincere wish to communicate the intricacies of the repertoire. With this in mind, Liszt’s works were recorded on a Steinway model D from 1892 that has survived to this day with all its original components intact, resulting in a warm and authentic sound.

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